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1. University Users

1.All active members of the Academic Society of the University of Crete have the right to use the Library after they have been supplied with the special library ID card. The library ID card permits access to all collections of the Library and may be used only by the individual to whom it is issued.
2. New Academic Staff, to be able to use Library services, should have the special library ID card issued and make sure they are aware of the Regulation, the Library's System and the operation details.
3. First year students will be able to get the library ID card only after participating in one of the special training seminars about the use of Library at the beginning of each academic year.
4. All academic staff of the University of Crete have library membership rights.
5. People who finished their studies in the University of Crete may keep their membership rights partially for three years after their graduation.

2. External Users
1. After filling in the special application form, the individual should sign below that he/she accepts the above mentioned membership terms.
2. When an application is approved, the special library ID card is issued with the user 's photo on it, and should always be presented when borrowing library material.
3. Giving untrue personal data (e.g. accommodation details), is considered to be a serious violation of the regulation and membership will be suspended.
4. Outside users should pay an annual fee for their library membership. The Library Head Director determines the precise amount.
5. If a user plans to be away from his accommodation address for more than 15 days, he/she is obliged to return the books he/she has borrowed before leaving.
6. The Library Head Director has the right to suspend library ID card in cases of serious violation of the Regulation of the Library.
3. Visitors

Visitors may use the library material in the reading rooms and the open collections of the Library, provided they are subscribed every time in the guest book kept at the circulation desk.