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P21.1 - “Managing, enhancing and promoting digital academic content at the University Crete” (2011-2014)

The project pursues to upgrade the existing infrastructure regarding the management of a variety of repository services in a number of aspects. It also pursues the establishment and integration of new repository services for collections not yet digitized. To that end a large volume of digitization and retrospective documentation is to take place regarding mostly the scientific content being produced by the University of Crete since its onset.

The project deliverables are focused on the following:

Upgrade existing services, development of new ones
  • Upgrade of the existing Institutional repository named E_locus
  • Development of an ethnobotanical Digital repository
  • Development of an Information System to manage Open Access Digital Journals
  • Development of an Information System to manage a variety of repositories of the National History Museum of Crete
  • Development of an alternative environment for mobile access of a variety of digital repositories
  • Start-up of an Information System for recording the bibliographic information of the current research work at the University of Crete
Creation of digital content and / or documentation for the following Digital Libraries / collections:
  • The digital collection of the Medical Museum
  • The digital collection Soranos
  • The digital collection of Photo Gallery for the department of History and Archaeology
  • The digital library of Open Access Journals
  • The digital collection of the research work being produced at the University of Crete
  • The digital collection of the ethnobotanical repository
A prerequisite in order to implement all the above is the acquisition of the following hardware:
  • 1 Blade server Enclosure
  • 2 blade servers
  • 1 SAN (storage area network) 2 Tbytes
  • 4 devices compatible to smartphones, PDAs, tablet PCs technology