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The UOC Library provides its users the facility to make prints - photocopies through a new contactless card system.

The prints are made both on the Library's photocopiers, which also function as printers, and directly on the printers.

Files to be printed can be sent from any of the Library's computers, or from outside the Library's building, via a web-based application on the photocopiers.

Web based application to send files for printing:




The University of Crete Library, as part of its mission to support education, knowledge, culture, innovation and ingenuity, provides a 3D Printing Service (3D.P.S.) and offers new technologies and tools to the academic community. The Library's printers are available to make 3D objects from plastic filament using designs downloaded from a digital computer file. The Library provides information and instructions on using 3D modeling software and creating drawings and appropriate files for printing.

In order to provide an optimal service, the Library and its users must comply with the following rules:

 3D Printing request