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What personal data we collect and why we collect it

The University of Crete and its Library Service inform you that it collects and processes the personal data you have stated solely for the fulfillment of the educational purposes of the University of Crete, the satisfaction of your research and training needs (library and library services) the need to archive the University and for statistical purposes, as well as your overall relationship and service from the Library. Additional information may be required on a case-by-case basis, provided that such information is a prerequisite for starting a service or maintaining a particular service.

Questions, requests, or comments submitted by you as users of the Library’s information systems and Internet sites and services may require the registration of simple personal data (identification and communication) if this is necessary for your service or support.
The Library processes legitimate personal data only insofar as the processing is necessary to (a) service, support and monitor your relationship with the Library and the proper performance of its services to you, (b) for the compliance of the Library with a legal obligation or (c) to pursue its legitimate interests arising from your relationship with the Library (protection of the Library and transactions with its users).

The Library processes your personal data that you have or will submit to the Library and which are necessary for the initiation, maintenance and execution of your business relations with the Library, existing or future, depending on the library service provided and its applicable procedures, regulations and policies.

Your personal data that you provide to the Library must be complete and accurate and up-to-date with your care, in every case of change or whenever deemed necessary by the Library to maintain your dealings or to fulfill a Library’s obligation resulting from the law and the applicable regulations. The Library also processes personal data received or received by a third party from a natural or legal person or public sector body which are necessary either to achieve the legitimate interests of the Library itself or of a third person or entity, fulfilling its tasks in the public interest.

Your data is collected and processed pursuant to Article 6 (1) (b), (c) and (e) of General Regulation 2016/679, as the case may be.
Your personal data will remain available to the Library of the University of Crete throughout the period of study / provision of the Library services and then for the University’s archiving needs, by taking appropriate protection and security measures.
The Library does not transmit or disclose your personal data to third parties.
The Library does not make decisions based solely on automated procedures for the processing of personal data. However, it may lawfully make such decisions, including profiling, for the purpose of monitoring and preventing damage or fraud against you, or at the expense of the Library, using the Library services as well as for safeguarding and credibility of its other rights law or if the compilation of profiles by automated procedures is necessary for the fulfillment of a library task performed in the public interest in the framework of the current legislation and the regulatory framework.
Any objection to the provision or processing of your personal information may lead to the failure to start or continue your collaboration with the Library.

For the time that your personal data will remain in the Library, you may exercise the right of access, rectification, update, limitation of processing, opposition and portability in accordance with the provisions of the General Personal Data Protection Act 2016/679 of the EU. You also have the right to report to the Personal Data Protection Authority at
For clarification on the above issues, you can contact the Library at
The University of Crete has appointed a Privacy Officer with whom you can contact