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About the Library
A brief tour


New users must register, in order to obtain borrowing privileges. Registration is complete when a user attends the introductory seminars on the basic use of the Library and its services. Training seminars take place  throughout the academic year.

Opening hours

Users have daily access to the Library. See Opening hours for more details.

In the Library areas

Users are not allowed to drink, eat, smoke or use mobile phones. There are lockers at the entrance of the  Library, in which users can keep their personal belongings.


The  University of Crete Library consists of the Central Library in Rethymnon University Campus, which supports Humanities, Social Sciences and Education, and the Library of Heraklionin Heraklion University Campus, which supports the School of Science and Engineering and the School of Medicine.

Searching for books

The basic tool for finding books, journals and other Library material is the electronic catalogue. It provides information about the availability and the location of material: Library of rethymno or Heraklion, collection, call number, loan status. For further information visit the Local collections section.

Locating a book on the shelf

The Library uses the Library of Congress Classification System to classify its books. On the spine of each book, there are Latin alphabet letters combined with numbers that describe its main subject. In order to locate a book, write down its call number as referred in the catalogue and look for it on the shelf.

Borrowing material

Registered users can borrow Library material, according to the borrowing regulations that apply. There is a Circulation desk, at the entrance of the Library. For further information on borrowing rights visit the Borrowing entitlement section.

Technical infrastructure

In Libraries of Rethymno and Heraklion, users find at their disposal :

  • personal computers for access to electronic information resources, MS Office applications etc
  • printers
  • scanners
  • photocopying machines
Further information on Library operation and services is available in Frequently Asked Questions.