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1. Library users that hold a library card and for who overdue material or outstanding fines are not in abeyance, have the right to borrow library material, except material of restricted use mentioned in article 6 paragraph 6 of the Organizational Structure of the Library.
2. Circulation hours must be strictly followed by all patrons' groups.
3. The material to be lent is carefully examined when checking in and out. In case of damage of the material issued to the user, the latter must pay to cover its replacement.
4. Users may ask to reserve an item, in case it is already on loan. In such a case:
  • Library is responsible to ask from the patron that holds the item to return it within 7 days.
  • The item is reserved for 7 days.
  • Priority is maintained depending on reservation date and time.
5. Loan periods and borrowing limits vary per user group.
  • Academic staff
    • Up to 30 items for the entire semester or summer period.
    • When the borrowing limit expires, the patron must return the material for check-out or renewal. Academic staff can hold an item for up to two borrowing periods.
    • 3. In case of absence due to research outside University of Crete, the patrons must return any borrowed items.
  • Administrative staff
    Up to 8 items for 20 days without renewal privileges.
  • Undergraduate students, Erasmus/Socrates students
    Up to 7 items for 10 plus 3 days and the right to renew twice.
  • Postgraduate Students
    Up to 10 items for 30 days without renewal privileges.
  • External users
    Up to 5 items for 15 days without renewal privileges and provided they have paid their annual fee.
  • Members of the Academic Society of the University of Crete have the right to borrow material from all the branches of the Library.In such cases:
    • The branch library where the user had his library ID card issued (requesting library), informs the branch library where the item is located (sending library) for the lending request.
    • The sending library checks out the material on the request library and sends it.
    • The requesting library checks out the material on the user and supervises its return on time.
    • The requesting library sends the returned material back to the sending library.
    • A library patron can check in or out material in any library branch.