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Library activities
The Library is an integrated unit and this is one of many innovations introduced by the University of Crete in our current educational situation during the 25 years of its operation. Already from a very early stage, it had been dediced not to organize separate departemental units per Faculty, Department of Scientific Field. On the contrary, all the collections in Rethymnon or in Heraklion came under the same administrative agent, following the same organization standard. Thus, significant saving of room, better management of economic and human resources, as well as the most efficient service of the public have been achieved.
In that way, not only did the Library experience exponential recognition, but also it marked significant achievement that distinguished it as pioneer of Greek academic libraries. Among those achievements, the most important are :
Α. In the domain of building facilities
  • Construction of the new edifice that hosts the Central Library in Rethymnon; this is one of the most modern library buildings in Greece.
Β. In the domain of collections
  • Creation of one of the largest and best organized collections of the country, compared to the current academic situation in Greece.
  • Establishment of an important collection of rare books, which deal with Greek history and civilization.
  • Creation of a wide collection of periodicals that deal with the field of natural sciences, as well as with the field of humanities and social studies.
  • Creation of the European Documentation Centre.
C. In the domain of organization
  • Adoption of international bibliographical standards, regarding both the organization of its collections and the organization of its services.
  • The continuous efforts made on staff training.
  • The successful combination of traditional and modern sources of information.
  • The creation of a maintenance workshop for the rare and valuable material.
  • The creation of a support service for people with specific needs (disabled people).
  • The operation of a fully automated library for the first time in Greece.
D. In the domain of application of new information technologies
  • The creation of the Integrated Library System PTOLEMY ΙΙ, that has constituted the main axis of the Library’s organization and development.
  • The creation of "Zefiros" portal, which gives access to all Greek Academic Libraries' catalogues.
  • The systematic monitoring of technologic progress and the thorough organization and exploitation of digital information sources (electronic periodicals, bibliographical databases, full- text bibliographical databases etc).
  • The acquisition of sophisticated know – how in the domain of library automation and related information systems.
Ε. In the domain of networking and expansion of collaborations on a domestic and international level
  • The installation of Ptolemy in a large number of Greek libraries and the influence of that system to the procedure of automation for all Greek libraries.
  • The substantial contribution of the Library and its staff to the establishment of the Greek Academic Libraries Network ( HEAL-LINK).
  • The timely contribution of the Library to the institutionalization of Academic Libraries Conferences.
  • Its active, fruitful participation in European and National research and development programmes.
F. In the field of its activity within its geographic district
  • The rendering of services and the approach of the Library to the local community, with the establishment of the external users’ services; users can now utilize all the Libraries facilities, mainly those of inter-lending.
  • Its co-operation with the Public Library of Rethymnon, the “Vikelea” Municipal Library of Heraklion, as well as with the Library of the Higher Technical Education School (T.E.I.) of Crete.
  • The creation of 31 experimental School Libraries in the District of Crete.