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Plagiarism Detection Software ( Turnitin )

Turnitin is a web based software platform, in the form of a subscription service, aimed at teachers who want to check the originality of the work that students place on a course.

Turnitin can also be integrated, in the form of additional functionality (turnitin plugin), in e-learning systems/platforms such as moodle & Open eClass which are used at the University of Crete.

It can be a powerful teaching tool for plagiarism in the effort of ascertaining academic integrity.

It compares the work with a text base in order to detect similarities with existing texts, to track plagiarism in the work of the Institution's students (seminars, dissertations, postgraduate theses, doctoral dissertations).

The check is carried out by the instructors, who are responsible for ascertaining whether any detected textual similarities in work texts actually constitute plagiarism.

By decision of the Rectors' Summit, Greek academic institutions use turnitin as a common system to prevent plagiarism.

Turnitin subscription is purchased on favorable terms for each institution under the coordination of the Hellenic Academic Libraries Association (HEAL-Link).

To obtain codes in the turnitin system, teachers are kindly requested to contact the relevant library staff (Manolis Koukourakis,