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Reference and Information Services

The Library's office of Reference Services and User Training :
- Is responsible for the training of the Library users
- Manages the Reference Collection of the Library (print and digital )
- Helps users while searching material of their interest
- Guides users while using electronic tools of Library (databases, internet, CD-ROMS etc.)
- Provides with specialized and reliable bibliographic and other information on the basic subject areas that develop within the University of Crete Society, that is humanities, social sciences, education, medicine and science
- Cooperates with the Departments of Acquisition, Cataloguing etc and coordinates with them as well as with the departmental committees that deal with ordering, in accordance with collection development policies for the respective subject areas and the needs of the Academic Society
- Collects users's requests for material that does not exist in the Library and advances them to ordering or to Interlibrary Loan Department
- Publishes informative leaflets, in print or in electronic format, for the Library, the Services and the holdings
- Organizes , in cooperation with the Secretariat of the Library, book events based on current or commemorative reason
- Guides and trains the library users to use the integrated workstations that exist in every branch of the Library, via which is provided access to :

  • On-line catalogue of the Library
  • All the databases to which the University of Crete or the Library is connected
  • A number of electronic tools with which the users should be able to edit, produce, publicise and spread information.