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The structure of the Library web pages is uniform for all branch libraries that constitute the Library of the University of Crete. Page navigation is performed mainly through the selection of options that are displayed at the home page. Information is grouped in sections. There are 6 main sections of information:
  • Local collections
  • User’s services
  • General information
  • Useful links
  • News
  • Contact
Each of the above sections may be subdivided into subsections, which in turn may also be further subdivided in a menu like hierarchy.
For example the section User’s services includes the following:
  • Circulation
  • Inter Library Loan
  • Reference and Information Services
  • European Documentation Centre etc
The subsection Circulation (when selected) consists from the following menu items, “About the circulation service”, “Regulation of borrowing”, “Membership”, “Staff” which become visible in a new page as soon as the Circulation option is clicked.
On the upper left corner box of the home page there are given frequently used pages. These pages are assumed to be used mainly by new library user.
Help image 1
By selecting for example the subsection “Circulation” you get the above page
The following software is required for accessing the Library’s web pages.
  • Browsers
    • Internet Explorer (version 5.0 or later)
    • Mozilla Firefox (version 1.5 or later)
    • Safari (version 3 or later)
  • Microsoft Word (version 2000 or later)
  • Acrobat Reader (version 5.0)
While you can use the menu structure to reach the information you are interested in, there is an alternative and more efficient way of searching, by using the option "Site map" which gives a global overview of the web page structure, providing at the same time direct links to available information resources.
You are given the option to search the Library web pages.
You can search the local Library collections
Information concerning the Library services used by the end users.
Information about library regulations, library organization, opening hours, user library staff, etc.
Links to other university services as well as other information resources of broader interest for the Library users.
News, events, page additions, seminars etc.
This option is used in order to communicate with the Library staff, your comments and queries. General enquiries are sent to the enquiry & reference desk while other service request forms are addressed to the staff, which is assigned beside the form.
Forms that are available in Word for Windows format must be completed and signed before they are returned to the Library.