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Is it obligatory to have a library card in order to be able to enter the Library area?
The library card is necessary in order to borrow material, but not for the rest of the services. Exceptionally, external users should bring their cards with them in order to be able to use the computers in the Library.
What is important for someone to notice when entering the Library area?

Remember that in the Library area, eating, drinking, smoking and use of cellular phones are prohibited. Note also, that all bags should be left in the lockers at the entrance of the Library.

I am a student at the University of Crete. How do I register to use the Library?

To acquire the right to use the Library services and borrow material, you should attend once the introductory seminar about the Library services and collections. Seminars take place throughout the academic year.

I am not a member of the UC community. May I borrow books?

Members of the greater community of education, science and research who live permanently in Rethymno or Heraklio, may use the LIS services as external users - provided that their application has been accepted. They hold a special library card and they pay an annual fee.

Are journals available for loan?
The journals are not available for loan, their use is restricted in the LIS. One may photocopy articles.
Are dictionaries available for loan?
Reference material - dictionaries, encyclopedias, basic handbooks etc - is not available for loan. Its use is restricted in the LIS area.
What can be done when I need a book that is already on loan?
Go to the circulation desk and ask to reserve the book. As soon as it is returned to the LIS you will be notified and you will be given priority to borrow it.
What can be done when I need a book longer than the loan period?
Bring the book to the circulation desk and ask to renew your loan. The loan period will go further except if in the meantime someone has reserved the book.
What happens if I am late returning material that I have borrowed?
Please try to return the books within their due time. The regulation of the LIS though, determines fines and other penalties in case of overdue material.
What happens if I damage or lose a book?
In case library material is lost while lent, then the responsible user is obliged to replace it. In case of damage, one should pay for its restoration.
What is the Library Catalog?
The electronic catalog is the basic tool to search the books, the journals and other material in the LIS.
Once I've found material in the catalog, what information is important to notice about it?

Before going to the shelves, observe carefully the data about the availability as well as the local information of the item. Μake sure that the indication is “on shelf” and there is no return date.

The book I am interested in, appears to be available in the LIS, but I can't find it on the shelves. What can be the problem?
When you can't trace the book on the shelves although the indication is «library», then it maybe already in use by someone else in the LIS area, or it may be under elaboration from the staff. Ask the LIS staff for help.
For a journal that the LIS holds a subscription in print, how do I find out whether the latest issue has been received ? Is it necessary to come to the LIS?
You do not need to come to the LIS. Search for the journal in the electronic catalog and in the result list, click on the branch Library where the journal is available. Thus, you are transferred in another page with all the information about issues, where besides summary holdings, you may ask to view all the available issues in detail and per year. Selecting the current year, you will receive information about current issues and status of receipt.
If the article I need is not available in the LIS, how may I have access to it?

The LIS may bring to the users material that does not exist in Library (articles, books, proceedings etc). In order to achieve this, the Interlibrary Loan service cooperates with other libraries and interlibrary loan networks in Greece and abroad.

Does ordering articles from other libraries cost?

Yes. The cost varies and depends on the supplier of the article (UOC Library, Library in Greece or abroad) and its size. Usually the expenses are covered by the users and rarely from the departments.

I have no idea where I may find information about the subject I am interested in and how I may search for it. Where may I address to?

You may address to the Reference Department of the Library. The staff is there to assist you and guide you while searching for information and using the electronic resources.

What are the LIS seminars? When may I participate?
The LIS offers training seminars, related to the LIS services and the use of electronic resources (catalog, databases, electronic journals etc). The seminars take place throughout the academic year, within schedule or after contacting the Reference Departmentand may specialize in subject area and/ or user status.
Does one need a password to use the electronic resources of the LIS?
The access to the electronic information resources is possible within the UC Campus Network and no password is needed. If in any case there is a key sign, contact the Reference Department to ask for the password.
Can I access the electronic resources of the LIS, outside the University campus?

The access to most electronic resources is controlled by IP address, thus it is available either within the University campus, or remotely when connecting through a VPN connection. In any other case, you will be allowed to use only the resources that are open to public such as the catalog, the Digital Library etc.

How may I find bibliography on a subject I am interested in?
In order to find bibliography on a topic, use the electronic catalog and select among several bibliographic databases that the Library subscribes online. For more information and guidance concerning database selection and better search results, ask for advice at the Reference Department.
What is E-Locus?
The Digital Library is a database made by the UC LIS and until today it is consisted of the masters and dissertations issued at the UC, the study guides of the Departments etc.
I have trouble accessing the full text of an article in an electronic journal. What can be the problem?
Today, most electronic journals in the Library web pages are available in full text, on the other hand there are still some exceptions where access is limited to abstracts or other information. Make sure that for the journal you are interested in, there should be full-text availability and that the computer you try to access it from, is within the University of Crete network.
How can I check the citations to the articles I have published ? Where should I address to?
In the LIS we subscribe to databases that besides bibliographic search facility also offer search and/ or access to the articles’ citations. Such databases are available through ISI Web of Knowledge, that provides search environment to the Science Citation Index, Social Sciences Citation Index and Arts & Humanities Citation Index and through the database Scopus.
Who may use the computer facilities of the LIS and in what way?
The LIS computers are available to all members of the University of Crete academic community. Also the greater community of education, science and research may use them, provided that the use covers scientific interests and needs and that the responsible of the branch has given permission.
May I use the LIS PCs to write an assignment?
Yes. The computers of the LIS are there to serve educational and research needs of all members of the University of Crete academic community. In each branch, a printer and a scanner are also available.
May I use the LIS PCs to chat?
No. This would contradict the regulation about proper use of the computers.
May I use the LIS PCs to send an e-mail?
Yes, as long as it you do not spend too much time.
Is it possible to print my assignment in the LIS?

Yes. In both Libraries there is a printer connected to the computers. In Central Library of Rethymno it operates with magnetic cards, available for purchase from the front desk of the L.I.S. In Heraklion Library there is a printing program. For more information ask the front dek of the L.I.S.

Is it possible to photocopy material in the LIS?

Yes. There are photocopying machines in both buildings. For more information ask the front dek of the L.I.S.

In all cases, photocopying procedure is self-service.

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