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The Library, has been participating in various Greek or European projects over time, concerning either its overall activity or part of its services.
Information Society (2011-2014)

It is about a University project where the Library plays a central role. The project has been running in the context of the operational program named Information Society which is part of the NSRF (2011-2014) The title of the project is “Managing, enhancing and promoting digital academic content at the University Crete”. As its title implies, it aims to provide the means by which the digital content being produced and preserved by the University will be utilized in a way that yields a maximum benefit for its community.

Infosoc (2008) Antaeus
Antaeus program was a project of technological innovation, involved the development of special software that allows Anemi to support electronic tables of contents and indexes, and also enables data integration of all individual electronic indexes to the Integrated Index of Basic Manuals for Modern Greek History and Literature.
3rd CSF - Istros
This project ran in the context of the 3rd Community Support Framework. The duration of the project was 7 years (01/01/2000 to 31/12/2006). Its ultimate goal was the further improvement of library standards, services and resources
3rd CSF - Virtual Union Catalogue
This project ran in the context of the 3rd Community Support Framework. It aimed to create a software product based on Z39.50 protocol that would simulate the environment of a Union Catalogue for the Academic Libraries in Greece.
Digital Library of Modern Greek Studies
The project was funded by the Operational Programme "Information Society" The outcome of the project was a Digital Library named ANEMI which aims to provide simple and quick access to a rich collection of digitized material related to Modern Greek Studies. Apart from finding bibliographic information, the researcher can also browse the documents themselves in electronic form.
Hellenic Academic Libraries Link
The Hellenic Academic Libraries link operates as a Consortium and comprises of 37 Academic Institutions in Greece, 14 Research Institutions of General Secretariat for Research and Technology, plus the Academy of Athens, the National Library of Greece, the Hellenic Parliament Library, the Pedagogical Institute, the National Agricultural Research Foundation and the Universities of Cyprus.
Earlier projects
  • 2nd CSF – Istros
  • 2nd CSF – School Libraries in all regions of Greece
  • Dilos
  • Helen
  • Mediation of rare books over yhe Internet